The Blame Game

            Everyone has played the blame game at some point in there life. We point fingers at other people and to bring out their problems to make ours seem insignificant in the eyes of others. Many people consider this a childish game, so why do our politicians do the same? Instead of fixing their own problems that have come up, these Washington gentlemen running our country our pointing out the other party’s problems, and this is present in both Republican and Democrats. From Health care to taxes, the economy to ecology, our country’s leaders are ignoring major governmental problems, like our dept to China and illegal immigrants, to bring down the other party’s support. 

            The major topic in our government is heath care, I like health care and no one should be without it but when you are using other people’s money to give it out to the supposed “needy” it seems a bit shady. Now don’t get me wrong I’m no radical Republican, and I don’t hate Obama, but some of his ideas and bills he is trying to pass do not sit well with me. Instead of give people “free health care” (which you and I are paying for with our tax money) they should educate the masses and create more American jobs by putting tariffs on our trade with China. My solution to the current heath care problem is based on the proverb, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry”. Instead of giving out free health care, the government should charter low cost high education collages so that anyone that would like to get a higher education can, as you see I did not say “free”. Second they need to educate people of all ages to save and invest their money wisely, so that instead of spending all their money they can use it for purchasing non-governmental health care. Finally if  they truly wanted to make healthcare affordable they should give doctors some protection from unfair law suits so that their insurance will be cheaper, lowering the overall cost. These three factors will help increases health care and decreases un-employment. This is granted to work because one more people will have a college education so they can get a job that pays more than minim-wage, the second teaches the people to use their money and not blow it, finnaly the thrid protects doctors from pay too much insureance.

            “Taxation without representation” was a rally cry of the colonist during 1770’s during American’s fight for freedom and was the cornerstone of the Boston tea party. Now jump over 200 years later and what do we have, taxes, taxes, and even more taxes. Now taxes are good and I don’t mind paying them (a surprise to many of you) but it is what my tax money is used for that upsets me. I don’t mind paying for our soldiers, national parks, roads, and children’s education; but I do not like paying for some illegal immigrants to eat and take our jobs, the care of homeless dogs — in Europe, and the lavish vacations of our Senators. I can’t cover  all of it so ill pick another hot topic Illegal immigrants; now immediately some of you will call me racist and an Mexican hatter, but here is a fact, not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico. I don’t hate the Mexicans and Cubans trying to escape their corrupted government, but I strongly dislike (not hate, I dislike not hate them) the ones who take our job without the proper papers, and export all that money back home. Now how does this effect taxes? Well yours and my money is being used to shelter and give medical supplies to people who are not paying taxes! My solution is to create a physical boundary between Mexico and America, Some of you are probably going “ you said not all immigrants come from Mexico”.  You are right but that border is the highway many illegal immigrants take to enter the U.S. even if they are not from Mexico. My solution, Create a fence and stop penalizing border patrol guards when they stop drug traffickers and smugglers.

            While our senators are busy giving themselves a raise or are pointing fingers at the other party, a major problems has arisen has not been confronted, this problem is China. So why is China a problem, well first off they are a command economy(one that the government owns the public and privet sector in their economy) while American economy is governed by it’s private sector. So when we owe Chine’s economy billions of dollars then we really owe it all to their government. Hear is a scary thought, if China said we needed to pay them the money right now could we pay them? No we can’t they can essentially own the United States. So why do we keep falling deeper into this large gross of debt. Because we are worried about offending China and no party wants to step up and take action to stop it in fear of loosening power. So these power hunger people don’t really know what it is like to have a real job and pay real taxes and struggle with finances, there problem is just trying to keep the power they have gained for themselves.

            Hear is my punch line, if I haven’t lost you so far do not quit now. I have barely even touched the surface of the powerful indignities that is going on in our government. I am not a great writer by any means I am horrible there are countless mistakes in my grammar and “proper word usage” but hear this, my facts and reasoning are sound, I hate people who blow news way out of proportion so I do not do it. My message is, this use your own reasoning when you are presented with facts and do not simply point fingers and blame others, not all government leaders are crooks or are just looking out for themselves but many do. So please instead of taking everything you hear on the news or at work as fact look into it before you believe it and you may be surprised. For the sake of U.S. let’s stop the name calling and the blame game, and tell the Washington Gentlemen in Congress stop trying to win are votes and just do their job we are paying them to do… This is to protect all of us and make decisions that will benefit everyone.


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