Time, The Greatest Illusion

Time, The Greatest Illusion

One of mans greatest fears and hopes is the river of time, or is time something other than what we observe? Many people have viewed time as a river flowing, never ending , that goes on and on, but I have found a new idea that was brought up by a well educated man that shook my understandings of time and the universe. This idea is “Time does not exists; it is an illusion that the decay of the world gives to man.” From this I have drawn a conclusion, that time is man made, created to give measurement of how quickly we decay and advance, it is a quantity of a motion just like distance, but time is distance we can not see or comprehend. This theory has simple evidence to back it up, it falls into place with all the known laws of the universe (not theories, there is a difference), and finally it can allow man to grasp the idea of eternity.

By the commonly excepted theories of time, it is describes as a motion, similar to up, down, left, right, forwards, or backwards, if this was true then time travel would be possible. But if time is simply the measurement of decay and changes that we observe, and that if time has no real motion then to time travel you must undo decay, which is out of mankind’s grasp. This theory can help relate Quantum mechanics and Relativity, because they both rely on time but while one deals with very small things, the other deal on very large terms of the universe, but both use time. It has been proven that time is not consistent throughout the universe, but if you agree with me then you understands that it means that decay and change observed by us as humans differs, because time does not change. The reason for this is because time is a label of measurement that we give for change relative to our understanding of life.

But why and how does this fit into the known laws of the universe?

One universal laws states:
“Energy goes from a state of order to disorder, and not a state of disorder to order”

This is a much expanded idea of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Basically this states that the universe had to be created because every thing naturally goes to disorder, and because of this decay us as man have created the perception of time to give us a standard to monitor the state of change and decay. There are not set “Laws” that define time there are only “theories”. The reason that this is important is because “laws” have been tested and proven over and over numerous instances, “theories” have not been proven true in every circumstance or do not have enough proof.

Here is the final and most important point of my theory we are living in an eternity, which is how God can be in the beginning and the end. If time is a position and does not flow, and he is omnipotent then he is able to be everywhere in time at once because it is a man made term for decay. The hardest part of this theory is abolishing the sense of time. Imagine this you are living in an eternity were decay changes us, warps us, we move, but time does not. This can be confusing because the concept of time has been deeply ingrained with our society. This can be compared to early scalars grasping the concept of zero, it was near impossible to grasp it, but later people warmed up to the idea, and now we teach every one the number for nothingness. Now I’m trying to teach everyone the concept of no time, nothingness the absents of today, and tomorrow, there is now.

So at this moment and the next forever it is the same. Today is yesterday and tomorrow too. We know that time is simple a point of reference, a area just like the surface we walk on, it is there it does not move we simply give a way to observe our decay. Second this fits with all the know laws in the universe, that everything goes from order to disarray. Finally it can allow man to grasp the illusive idea of eternity. So have a nice yesterday, and good luck tomorrow, because it is all is today, all hear, all now.


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