Uncovering the Bilderberg

Uncovering the Bilderberg
Powerful men deciding the world’s fate behind closed doors, and secretly planning a one world government. Sounds like a phony conspiracy theory right? Well it may not all be as fake as we would want to believe. The ominous Bilderberg group is a group of 100 or so elites that are some of the worlds most powerful men on the planet. This group is has been given this name because of there first publically known meeting spot, the Bilderberg Hotel in Arnhem of the Netherlands, this group comprises mega- billionaires from all around the world. They are not a secret group but why do they keep their meetings a secret, tell their members not to discus parts of the meeting to outsiders, and why do they meddle in the affairs of all governments?
Well the members of Bilderberg claim they do not have plans for a new world order, and that people are simply using them as a conspiracy theory to gain an audience. One question that keeps being asked is, why are they so secret, and why if some one searches for them on the internet, can they find nothing more than short articles on this sinister group. When I first heard of this group I immediately though that this was another conspiracy theory just like the “black helicopters” but I have found out that they are real. Many of our political leaders claim to be apart of this group, but why do they not tell of what goes on in the annual meetings. In fact President Obama supposedly attended the 2009 meeting in V.A. and rerouted the press and told them to meet him at a totally different place. Now this caught my eye and I fact checked it many times over and it is real and so is this group.
Now I understand if the President of the United States has to keep a secret because of national security, but when he attends a non-governmental meeting and no one outside the group know what the topic was even about, it raises warning flags. We know very little of what goes on inside these meetings, not even everyone who shows up, and when a group of people supposedly is a threat to our freedom, and influences our president id like them to at least tell us what the general topic of the meeting. I’m not completely sold out on the theory that they formed this economic downturn, rigged our elections, and planed the assignation of J.K.F. but I know they are real and I want to know more. People have claimed that they are setting up a new world order, and others say they are simply business men trying to swap ideas. I don’t know what to believe because I have to sift through the facts. This article is not going to try to persuade you in fact all I’m trying to do is bring about your awareness of this group so you many do research of your own. So lets start asking questions and if many of us do it we might get some answers.
The supposed nail in the coffin for the Bilderberg group is that they meddle in the affairs of government, not just the U.S. government but also France, Netherlands, and Germany are just a few. To learn their true purpose you have to look at there past but it is just as confusing as all the conspiracies about them. They were supposedly started by the Netherlands’ Royalty to work on forming an Anglo-American Empire (later renamed “A New World Order”) but that plan is hidden in the shadows. Also people have claimed that this group is derived from the tectonic knights, and there powerful banking industry of the 15th and 16th centuries. Why would this be important? Well theses “holy knights” were trying to essentially rule all the known World thought banking and trade restrictions, in fact it was not until when Napoleon came to power did this order supposedly “dissolved”. Some claim that this group is a shadow government that is ruling the world while our president takes the blame for everything. I know so little about this group it is hard to sort fact from fiction, so I plan to study this group to see if they are really a threat to our liberty.
So we know that this group is real; but we still do not know what they do, who are all there members, and what they plan to do. They claim to just be a group of people but a group of people with that much power can not be just “getting together”. Second why are the so secretive, not really known, and keep their meetings in the shadows. Finally why do they keep messing with governmental affairs, and the Federal reserves (even though it says “federal” they are really a privet bank). With ever answer I find more questions that come up, but if we ban together and ask enough questions we might be able to uncover this elusive group.


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